Body Wisdom

Nutrition & Weight Management Counselling by Tara Mahadevan

Tara Mahadevan is a psychologist specializing in Nutrition and Weight Management Psychology. This is a new field that applies the scientific principles of Cognitive Behaviour and Mindfulness psychology to health-related behaviours. Clients are taught how to deal with the practical issues that influence their food and lifestyle choices. Once clients learn how to tune into their own body wisdom (as opposed to pre-set diet rules) they feel empowered to take care of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a balanced and sustained manner.

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Nutrition & Weight Management Psychology

A mindfulness-based approach to being at peace with your self and body

Understanding your Hunger

Practising Mindful Eating


Diets help you lose weight but diets alone they don’t help you keep it off. That’s because research shows we tend to eat for a variety of reasons other than hunger. These triggers – springing from environmental, social  and emotional factors -- can seriously hamper one’s best efforts to maintain weight and health.

Ms Mahadevan’s unique, holistic weight and health management program provides clients with all the psychological tools and strategies necessary for permanent weight loss. She helps clients work with mind and body alike. Her approach is personalized as well as practical according to each clients goals, needs and lifestyle.

Core Principles

Retrain your mind to permanently change your body

Identify Hunger

Differentiate between physical and non- physical hunger and learn to feed each hunger accordingly. Understand the difference between fullness and satiety and how to make eating a truly pleasurable experience.

Understand Cravings

Know where cravings come from and how to appropriately respond to them. Learn to deal with temptations in social and other challenging situations.

Practice Mindful Eating

Connect with hunger and fullness. Learn to implement small yet effective mindful eating skills on a daily basis. Discover how to eat all foods you love and love all foods you eat without guilt or deprivation.

Build Willpower

Understand what will power is and how to strengthen your inner will to meet your goals. Discover that you are stronger than you think you are when it comes to food, and that you can trust yourself and your body.

Retrain your self-talk

Learn to talk to yourself in a tone and manner that will truly motivate you and bring about the changes you want. Adopt an attitude of gratitude and compassion towards your self and body.

Putting it all together

Create a long term plan that keeps you in good physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health. Know how to get back on track after difficult times. Learn to value and motivate yourself to take care of your body, mind and heart in harmony.